5 years in Thailand have taught me that even when Thai bar girls speak English, what they mean is not always obvious. Here is a little guide to help you dealing with your relationships!

What they say:

‘You are over protective’

What they mean:

You don’t let me sleep with other guys


You are stingy (khi heniyw)

You don’t want to support all my family


I’m not eating beef

I drink alcohol, I don’t pray and I’ve had sex before marriage so the last thing that keeps me from going to hell is to refuse eating beef


Let’s go party

Accompany me party and please pay for all my drinks


Come party with me and my girls

Accompany us party and please pay for all our drinks


I’ve been to Insomnia only a few times

I’m a regular of Insomnia


I need money to pay for my school

I want the Samsung Galaxy S5!!!


I’ve lost my phone!

I sold my phone, please buy me a new one


I wish I had a mixed baby

I am not using any contraceptive


You have to understand me

That guy was so hot, sorry I cheated


You have to respect my religion

You have to convert to Buddhism


He is just my friend!

He is a one night stand


I met him in the club

We slept together


Your friend is nice

I would do him


I always use condom

I have used condom once


She is my sister

She is a friend


She is my best friend

She is a friend


She is my cousin

She is a friend


She is a friend

I don’t really like her


She/he is a Facebook friend

I have no idea who that is


I like photography

I take a selfie every 5 minutes


I don’t like Jews

I don’t know what a Jew is


I don’t like politics

I’ve never opened a newspaper


I saw it on the news

I saw it on infotainment


I’ve read about it

I saw a post on Facebook


I have Line, Twitter and Facebook

I spend 15 hours a day posting updates on my smartphone


I will have dinner with my girlfriends

We will spend 2 hours at the same table playing with our phones and taking pictures of food


I’ll meet you at 8pm

I will leave from my place at 8pm


I’m working freelance

I am a freelance prostitute


I’m working as a part-time model

I have modeled twice in my life


I’m working in Marketing

I am a pretty girl who distributes flyers


I don’t like that friend of yours

You are not allowed to have any friends


We can eat anywhere

We can eat anywhere as long as there is rice on the menu


You can try, it’s not spicy

I only put 2 tablespoons of chili sauce


I will just eat a small snack

I will eat a half kilo of banana fritters


I like to listen to Jazz

I like cheesy pop songs


I love you

You are nice with me


I love you so much

You just bought me a present


I hate you

You are 5 minutes late


I’m happy

I received a good news 5 minutes ago


I’m unhappy

I received a bad news 5 minutes ago


You can go party with your friends

I will kill you when you get home